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Economic Development

  Since Yangjiang became a city in 1988, the economy here sees a durative, fast and healthy development. The average annual increase of GDP is 13.7% as the speed of industrial agglomeration here became obviously faster, and the city construction better. It mainly reflects as follows: the dominate position of industry has become more and more obvious. An industrial system which is mainly based on the forming of the core indusries, such as the hardware, knives and scissors, special steel, food production, spinning clothes, electro mechanic, building materials and chemical initially, in which hardware, knives and scissors are the unique advantageous industry and is one of Top 100 Industrial Agglomerations at the same time. There are more than 1500 knives and scissors manufacturers in Yangjiang, whose output occupies 65% in China and export volume occupies 85% in China. So Yangjiang is worthy of the name China Capital of Knives and ScissorsandChina Production Base of Knives and Scissors.Yangjiang will become the electrical power base of Guangdong in the future, which can supply an abundant power for the economic development of Yangjiang.The special agriculture in Yangjiang has developed quickly, supplying a plenty of special and superior farm products such as fruits, vegetables and flowers. Moreover, the marine fishery in Yangjiang also develops very fast. There are 7 national and provincial portlet here. The marine overall production value is 7,420,000,000 and aquatic product export is 310,000,000. The total quantity and per capital hold of aquatic product in Yangjiang have been stood spearheaded in the list of Guangdong Province for 10 years, which wins Yangjiang a name of “The fishhold of Guangdong Province”.The tourism in Yangjiang develops very fast at the same time, and the famous places of interest like: Dajiao Bay in Hailing Island which hold the good reputation of the National 4A Grade Resort and Yangchun Lingxiao Rock which is National Geological Park, Yangjiang Hotspring Resort Yangchun Chundu Hotspring Resort and so on .There are 3 five-star hotels and a set of tourism system and high-star hotels which is being built in Yangjiang.The Crystal Palace of Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum had opened outside last year, where the merchant ship of Southern Song Dynasty --the “Naihai No.1” exhibits, which makes Yangjiang more famous.